Transport Solutions

Hazardous Goods

The carriage of dangerous goods, is a very specialist area where getting the right partner is not desirable but critical. We have many years experience in the organisation and transportation of a wide variety of dangerous goods throughout Europe. We understand succinctly what requires to be addressed in this area from the adherence of stringent regulations through to how to deal effectively in the unlikely event that anything does not operate to plan. Quite simply this is a specialist area of logistics where the utmost professionalism and experience needs to be of paramount importance.

Packaged Hazardous / Dangerous Goods ADR

UK / European / Pan-European Services

  • Parcels
  • Groupage
  • Part Load
  • Full Load
  • Dry Freight Containers
  • Express

The above services can carry the following classes and sub divisions as listed below:

Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6
Class 6 Class 8 Class 9

Bulk Liquid Tankers, Hazardous Dangerous Goods, Drop Tanks and FL Regulated Vehicles can transport the following classes:

Class 3 Class 6 Class 6 Class 8 Class 9

Bulk Hazardous / Dangerous Gases ADR

Bulk Gas Tankers, Drop Tanks and FL Regulated Vehicles can carry the following divisions of Class 2:

Class 2.1 Class 2.2 Class 2.3

Bulk Solid Tippers / Hazardous Goods ADR

Bulk tipper can carry the following classes:

Class 4.1 Class 4.3 Class 5.1 Class 9

The following classes can be carried, but under special arrangement and/or dedicated vehicles:

Class 1 Class 7